Unioncamere Campania takes an active part in firms, boards and foundations aimed at the same promotional goal to improve the production of the region.

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Agroqualità is a firm which attends to the quality in the field of food farming supported by Italian Unioncamere, twelve Regional Unions, DINTEC (firms supporting actions in favour of small and medium enterprises), ACU (association for consumer assistance), confagricoltori and Coldiretti Italia (farmers protection association).


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DINTEC is a consortiumfor Technological Innovation between the Chamber System (UNIONCAMERE Italian Union of Chambersof Commerce, 48 Chambers of Commerce, 7 Regional Unionsof Chambers of Commerce) and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment). DINTEC designs, plansand implements interventions in innovation, market regulation, systems of quality management and dissemination of technical legislation, to increasethe competitiveness of SMEs.


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EDITORIALE IL DENARO is a group of companies, linked to the regional economic newspaper "Il Denaro”, specialized in realization and publishing of financial magazines, newspapers and books; news production for media; purchase and production of advertising; website management; organization of exhibitions and events.


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ISNART ScpA is a consortium company "in house" at the Chamber system, which carries out studies and publications, surveys and feasibility studies, data processing, databases and observatories, conferences, seminars and debates about tourism.


INFOCAMERE is the digital innovation company for the Italian Chambers of Commerce. Starting from the management of the Companies Register- Italy's economic registry -  it provide technologically advanced services to support theirs partners, meeting the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in a context of continuously evolving economic and regulatory systems. It designs and develop solutions to simplify the relationship between companies and the Public Administration and to ensure favourable conditions for businesses to continuously evolve and transform, supporting Italy's competitive landscape. 


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Tecnoservicecamere Scpa

Tecnoservicecamere Scpa is a consortium company of Chambers of Commerce, which provides technical services (engineering, environmental protection, restoration and safety) tothe real estate assetsof its members


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Retecamere Scarl

Retecamere Scarlis a national agency of Unioncamere and Chambers of Commerce which provides consulting services, training, communication, information to enhance and develop assistance and serviceto companies.