Chamber of Commerce of Naples


For a number of chartered businesses, the Naples Chamber of Commerce represents the first of its category in the South of Italy and the third in the whole nation, ranking only after those of Milan and Rome.

The Naples Chamber of Commerce is not only the access point to the public administration for all the Neapolitan companies, but also a connection element between enterprises and the Country.

Through on-line connections with the Italian and foreign Chambers system, cooperation with national organizations and institutions, collaboration with the Entrepreneurs’ Associations, the Chamber is able to support the development of businesses.

The following public-owned enterprises belong to the Naples Chamber of Commerce:

  • ‘Agripromos’ has the aim to support companies dealing with farm and food farming sectors;
  • Cesvitec is a centre for promoting and developing the use of technology in the small and medium businesses in the South of Italy;
  • The Laboratory for Product Analysis has been offering a wide range of services since 1938, such as analysis of quality in the food farming, environmental, microbiological and industrial fields;
  • Eurosportello belongs to the EURO INFO CENTRE (EIC) network, and since 1988 it has kept the companies up-to-date about the EU legislation, the development programmes and the European initiatives of cooperation;
  • Proteus promotes and underlines the value of handicraft and small enterprises through projects that aim at solving economic, environmental and cultural problems;
  • Com.tur has been established with the intent of enhancing the commercial, tourist and service sector of SMEs.

Naples Numbers:

Enterprises 260.050

Added Value (millions of euro) 38.179,5

Employed 829.000

Territorial Area (kmq) 1.171,13

Towns 92

Population 3.059,196


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